driveways, patios, walkways, retainer walls, room additions, concrete Removal & repairs

Driveway Repairs

We Do It Right The First Time !

More Than Just Cement !

Driveways are one of our specialties.  We can saw cut and remove the damaged areas and make it look new again.  Need a culvert replaced?  We can do that too. 


Jobs Large or Small

We can provide you with a beautiful, high gloss flooring,  your choice of colors, that is totally oil resistant and easily maintained.

Retainer walls

epoxy floors for shops & garages

You don't have a job too small for us or as you can see in the pic above, too large.  We do it all and do it right.

At Surface Solutions, we have a master carpenter on our jobsites to ensure your project is done exactly as you have asked.  Anything from setting simple sidewalk forms to forming up for concrete retainer walls or catch basins (see photo left) you can rest assured it will be done corrrectly.  We don't shortcut projects or settle for anything less than exact.

Erosion problems?  Let us correct it with a retainer wall.  Several colors to choose from. 

Speed Bumps!  $142.00 Installed